1. Unable to hold color
2. mood swings and ambitions
3. Bashful lucid forethought, steadfast cunning,
4. Extrovert/Introvert, betwixt.
5. Over OR Under focused at task
6. Appears to hunger
7. Intent on attitude or behavior that is more/less desirable.
8. Intent on gossip, babble, rambles, rants, tirades
9. Obscure OR Obligatory
10. To appeal to misconceptions

Phillip Broff
"and yet, what are we to do about this insignificant business of other people. So ill equipped to envision others and their Interior workings and personal aims"

Allan Greenspan
"I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is what I meant"

Infected Mushroom
"Can't stop thinking about the times I lost to you
Can't stop thinking about all the things I used to do
When I can't stop making bad decisions
Then I can't eating somebody make me chew
You know this smile that i want to see you
/I put on a smile that you want to see
Another day goes by that I long to be like you."

"It aint you, it's me,
I'm no good for you,
I'm no good for me."
by somanmbulanz November 14, 2009
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