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A political tactic in which a person or group of people will state an idea or belief. After which, they will identify the people who are opposed to the idea or belief. Once this is done, they will begin to over-whelm the opposition with petty insults, pre-concieved talking points, and exaggerated (and even false) "facts". This over-whelming amount of insults and "facts" will make it so the opposition will not have the opportunity to reply. This is a common tactic used amongst both the Liberal party and media.
Liberal: I believe we should require everyone to pay 50% of their yearly income to the government like England and many other European nations, it would help alleviate a lot of problems.
Person: I think we should allow people to do what they want with their money, we live in a Capitalist and free society after all.
Liberal: What!? You don't want to help pay for welfare, medicaid, medicare!? You must hate the poor, and the elderly!
Person: But I-
Liberal: Well since you hate welfare so much you must also hate blacks. That makes you a racist as well. What? You dont want us to live in a nice society? You right-wing nazi! You must want to give all the money to rich people. Why are you so filled with hate? You probably hate Mexicans too since you dont support amnesty! You're so close-minded.
Person: I never said-
Liberal: You're nothing more then a fear-mongering islamophobic racist! Did you know 91% of conservatives hate minorities?
Person: Thats fals-
Liberal: Well they do, I just can't even stand your hateful attitude. You're so homophobic.
Person: Well this is Hyper-Statism at its finest.
by Fundere Lumen August 18, 2011
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