A metal water bottle (can also be used as a weapon) mostly used by VSCO girls
-"Have you seen Natalie'sHydroflask? "
-VSCO girl used Hydroflask it is super effective
by Urban'sVSCOgirl August 16, 2019
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Random Person At School: ooooooo she's/he's rich! They have a hydroflask

Me: Look at you, you have one too!
by gemini789 August 3, 2019
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A metal water bottle that vsco girls have claimed as part of their "culture" and covered with stickers. Can be conveniently used as a weapon to knock these annoying pieces of shit unconcious.
Stupid girl: wow you have a hydroflask sksksksksks
Me: *swings bottle like a hammer knocking this bitch into next week*
by A not stupid person September 13, 2019
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Object that annoying bitches always seem to drop
Girl 1: *drops hydroflask* and I oop-I dropped my hydroflask sksksksksk

Girl 2: isn't it like the sixth time you dropped it today
by Basic bish August 24, 2019
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An overpriced metal canister (or flask) that comes in a variety of colors and contains water (or any type of liquid). It dents easily. Often decorated with stickers. Mainly owned my "VSCO" girls.
That VSCO girl brought her hydroflask to school and dropped it. And I oop-
by That short asian April 29, 2020
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An expensive but cute and trendy drink bottle. They can store hot and cold beverages as well. They are commonly decorated with stickers to make them look aesthetic.
Bella: "Hey Nikki, that us such a nice drink bottle!"
Caity: "Wow, I think I saw one on Pinterest the other day!"
Nikki: "Thanks, its a Hydroflask."
by parmesanlover19 May 6, 2019
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