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A term with many definitions. One way to use hussman is to use it as an insult to your friends who are acting "Diane" or "Huss-like". Hussman has no gender, like the true name it comes from, so feel free to address a male or female as a Hussman. Hussman can also refer to your genitals, your head, thirst, hunger, a sexual partner or pure excitement. Hussman is a perfect toast word before a pull of Crow.

Commonly abbreviated as Huss

For more quality and effect place a deep accent on the "uss" part ie. H "ugh" "uhssssssssssssssss" man
"Hey I can't go out tonight but do me a favor and get some Hussssman for yourself."

"Henry whats wrong?"
"Sorry Dunph! I hurt my Hussman! No!"

"Does anyone want a M.I.P?"
"Give that to me you Diane, you Husssssman! Those are delicious!"
by Randar My Huss November 03, 2006
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