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A cross between a hipster and and a hippy. A close variant of a Huppie. One or two differences can cause a classification change between the two. For example, a switch in occupation from a lawyer to an artist would result in a change in classification from a Huppie to a Hupster. Hupsters are visually similar to Hipsters but tend to live a healthier lifestyle. They do not smoke and are more comfortable being awake in the morning. Hupsters are more likely to be in a stable relationship and to have children. They enjoy art shows and farmer's markets.
He quit his job at the law firm and started selling his art at the Farmer's market, I guess he is a Hupster now.
by FredJoeBob August 31, 2012
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Hispanic + Yuppie + Hipster; Embodies all things yupster of "hispanic" origin. Usually refers to themselves as Latina/os but will strategically refer to themselves as "Hispanic" when it is to their benefit. Enjoys music which they refer to as eclectic; everything from old school hip hop, 80s new wave and Spanish language groups such as Cafe Tacuba and Nortec Colective. However hupsters especially enjoy ironic 1950's doo-wop music in Spanish. Hupsters like to poke fun at their Latino backgrounds while in groups of other hupsters, but will take offense when non-Latinos try to do the same. They love attending hip new events and pointing out that they were into it before it became "mainstream." Hupsters are fashionistas with an edge. Male hupsters love to wear guayaberas as everyday wear and female hupsters enjoy "Frida Kahlo looking" earrings and necklaces that are centerpieces of an outfit.
Monte is such a hupster. After graduating from college Monte, whose full name is Montezuma, moved back to the "east-side" of Los Angeles to refurbish a turn of the century "fixer upper" Victorian. Lately, he enjoys hosting "painting parties" where his "west-side" friends join him for painting by day and by evening drinking vintage cocktails on the new deck he just paid his cholo cousins to install. His cholo cousins are not invited to stay for the evening.
by Marie Antoinette I February 22, 2010
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