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When a guy is really craving a cock in his ass.
"Dude i wanna take so much cock tonight, I've got such a hungry ass".
by DJJames July 20, 2017
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When a person wears pants that don't fit properly and tend to ride up in the butt crack region. A camel toe in your ass. A wedgie.
Do these pants give me hungry ass?
by TacoMama August 06, 2008
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Gay slang. Describes the phenomenon where the anal sphincter tightens reflexively and involuntarily in response to penetration, holding the inserted object tightly, often in the context of sexual play. Where the penetrator is using part of the body and receives an injury, this is referred to as being 'bitten'.
I just broke a doctor's wrist with a severe case of hungry ass.
by jitsu panda March 29, 2010
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