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A sexual position where a partner lies face down performing Cunninglingus, while both hands, at the same time are groping the breasts.
Damn dude, I was like all hungry ghost on her!

Also the act of telling about hungry ghost.

Stand there with both arms raised above the head (like a Boo Ghost), move the fingers around, while making licking and eating faces.
While saying "Damn dude, I was like all hungry ghost on her!"
by Bonemachine July 29, 2013
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The two states of being are as a human being, or a hungry ghost. Semi-regularly you need to ask yourself which you are. Sometimes it is human. Others, alas, it is hungry ghost.

The hungry ghost seeks validity outside of themselves. Someone pining for an indifferent ex is a hungry ghost. Someone who arrives alone at 6:30 on Saturday night to a pub is probably a hungry ghost. Obsessive checking of mobile phones, chat sites or networks are clear signs that one is a hungry ghost.

The best thing to do is just stay home and ride it out. Read a book. Find some good clean fun.
Mate: How are you?
Dumped: I'm a hungry ghost, man.

Mate: What'd ya do last night?
HG: Urg. I hungry ghosted around The Oxford for a few hours, then walked home past her house, and HIS car was there...

Mate: Why'd you call man?! It's just rampant hungry ghostery.
by Dr Winterbourne February 16, 2009
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