A Humiliatrix is a specific type of female dominant skilled in the particular art of erotic humiliation and/or real-life humiliation.

Being very much a contemporary term, a Humiliatrix can be thought of as being more of an intellectual or 'modern dominant', inflicting stress and mental anguish via the power of the word, rather than the whip. Its usage is frequently combined with similarly modern fetish scenarios such as urban, office, Valley Girl, and college/university environments. (e.g Office Humiliatrix).

Despite its intellectual slant, a Humiliatrix may utilise certain physical methods and actions so as to heighten a particular humiliating incident, such as face-slapping, spitting and cuckolding. Financial manipulation and blackmail are also often associated with a Humiliatrix.

The modernity of Humiliatrix domination extends to its relative imagery and style; whereas a Dominatrix may traditionally be associated with leather, boots and whips, a Humiliatrix is associated with more contemporary clothing, clubwear, or adopting an executive, and/or 'cosmopolitan' image.

Although generally considered a portmanteau that combines "humiliation" and "dominatrix", the first recorded usage of the term appears in the 1853 edited copy of the Diary and Autobiography of Edmund Bohun Esq 1645-1699. (Translated from latin literally meaning 'female who humiliates', and in this instance as humbler of human pride - humani fastigū humiliatrix).
She's one sexy Humiliatrix.
by appleace June 27, 2007
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A humiliatrix is a person a bit like a dominatrix who sexualy humiliates their partner.
My humiliatrix spat on me today, fucking hell I loved every minute of it.

I spat on my slave today, my god that peice of shit is lucky to have an owner like me.
by Jonny93MK April 26, 2007
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