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Human Operating System, HOS is a system of operation or procedure of living of human beings, like religion, way of life in cities, belief, etc,.
Human Operating System, HOS is like DOS, the Disk Operating System of Personal Computers.

Religious way of life is like an operating system of human beings believing some religion to protect them and develop them to the highest levels of life with the most happiness and peace and health !
It is also comparable to Vegetarian-system of life.
It can also be LOS, a Living-beings' Operating System.

The HOS is researched and developed continuously for finding out and following the best possible practical way of life for achieving one's own goals in life !
It is to try leverage the co-operative power of communities for safe, healthy, prosperous and peaceful life of every one.
HOS can also be so simple as better ways for a human being to progress in life happily --
Sample Daily routine procedure like, Wake up early, drink plenty of water, finish toiletry & washing up, meditation or peaceful planning for the day ahead, break fast, safe travel, planned work in a good team spirit and respect for every fellow living being, humane leadership, healthy conclusion, safe-journey-home, washing-up, lovely chat with family members, dine together, relax , study, research, develop further and meditatively sleep early to get up early for another day of better life !
by faruqhsj July 09, 2011
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