The male equivalent of a snow bunny. A white male husband, boo, Bae etc.
Brad Pitt would make a great snow hubby. hubby
by Strawberry cupcake September 14, 2017
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Someone who talks to that ONE girl on discord 24'7, and goes to bed at 3 am every day due to it. Usually wears a collared tee and has brown hair.
OMG, Aiden is such a subby hubby
by Not.Diesel September 6, 2021
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male version of a Slut wife

1) a married man who has a large appetite for sex.

2) a married man who engages in sex with women, other than his wife, to fulfill her sexual needs.

3) a married man who will engage in any and all sexual activities for his wife.
"He was a good whore hubby who would suck the toes of his wife's girlfriend when ever she wanted."
by wolfgirlz January 10, 2018
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Worse than your granny tranny, worse than your sister a mister, worse than everything. Your opponent will get on one knee and lick your damn feet clean if you say this.
your hubby a teletubby
some random bro: i serve you my master
by i main lucario in ssb4 December 14, 2021
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