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A wave like force that you find at the beach. Once a wave hit the sand surface, or when the wave crashes it rickashes of of the sand and creates a bubble which can suck you under water and could kill you. There is only 6 types of hubalooba's discovered so far. These are the types from smallest to largest; Super hubalooba, regular hubalooba, mega hubalooba, Supa hubalooba, spence hubalooba, and the hubalooba of '93. The hubalooba of 1993 does not have a name. it occured in Cape May, New Jersey in 1993. everyone on the beach was killed, it was a horrible hubalooba. The Hubalooba of '93 is rated way above the spence hubalooba, but the hubaloobas in between have not been discovered yet. There are Such things of Hubalooba hunter, that hunt hubaloobas. this is a very dangerous job and you have to be very skilled in order to not get killed. The worst hubaloobas happen in Cape May, but some have been reported around the world. Very few people know that hubaloobas exist and get harmed from them.
Darien got sucked under by a hubalooba.

Austin is a certified hubalooba hunter

When Savannah was swimming, she got sucked into a hubalooba and died.
by Darien Aubinoe April 02, 2008
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