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Hu Jintao (Chinese: 胡錦濤) is the current capitalist dictator (or revisionist dictator) of China. Despite what many people will say, Hu is a communist in name only, as most of the industry under his rule is privately owned as opposed to state-owned. He has been labeled as one of the world's worst dictators by several publications and is known for implementing censorship of the Chinese internet. He is also known for continuing the practice of turning China into a place of sweatshops and not of people's needs.
Hu Jintao is busy chipping away at all the communist reforms promised to China by Mao Zedong. If Mao could see what Hu has done to China he would cry.
by ConservatismSucks December 31, 2009
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Hu Jintao is the current president of China. President Hu is different from previous rulers in that he emphasis on peaceful raise and harmonies society. Under Hu, China has been further transformed from a poor third world country to a potential first world superpower. There are concern, as always, of human rights issue and violations under his rule.
-Noob who doesn't understand politics: "Yeah Hu Jintao sucks, because he's a communist so China sucks because it's a communist nation. And yeah, I just generalize 1.3 billion people."
-Some with even half a brain responds: "Why don't YOU try to govern 1.3 billion Chinese with 56 distinctive ethnic groups, with 292 living languages and 1 extinct language (Jurchen), and the world most populous nation with poverty still a problem."
-The sarcastic responder: "If only voting and freedom of speech can magically generate wealth, food, and improve the economy"
by Aresaresares March 07, 2011
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The president of China....apparently he's the world's 3rd worst dictator. He is known for enforcing online spies & executing roughly 4000 people a year.
Libby-Lib : "I'd rather have Hu chink for president instead of Bush."

Me : "And you liberals claim to be so smart."

Libby-Lib : "We are man! We know the truth behind this country!"

Me : "Have you ever bothered to think that the truth is something you find on your own, and not from others?"

Libby-Lib : "Have you ever bothered to think that what they are saying IS truth?"

Me : "Ugh....someone shut this crybaby up..."
by Dave July 06, 2004
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