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How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) is a satirical website that was created in 2005 by Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson that parodies major films, TV shows and video games from popular culture.

HISHE provides its own version of "how it should have ended", as opposed to what actually did, by showcasing satirical cartoons which have alternative endings that are usually more logical, realistic and often quite funny.

The team responsible for these satirical animations are:

Series Directed by
Daniel Baxter

Series Writing credits
Tina Alexander
Daniel Baxter
Tommy Watson
Matt Dannevik

Series Produced by
Tina Alexander
Daniel Baxter
Steve Sargent

Series Film Editing by
Daniel Baxter

Series Art Department
Daniel Baxter
Otis Frampton

Series Animation Department
Daniel Baxter
Brian Andersen
Eric Mehner

Series Music Department
Bryan English

Series Thanks
Tina Alexander
The following How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) is a parody of a key scene from The Avengers where Loki has the chance to escape (from Thor and Iron Man), but doesn't:

Thor: (to Captain America) You want me to put the hammer down? 
(Captain America ducks and holds up his shield as Thor leaps at Cap. The impact of the hammer on the vibranium shield creates a massive shockwave)
Captain America: Are we done here?
Loki: Hello!
Iron Man: You're still here?
Loki: Yes!
Thor: Why didn't you run away while we settled our differences?
Loki: (laughs) I'll never tell.
Captain America: OK, we're not taking him back to base, he is definitely up to something
by The Centurion October 01, 2012
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