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A particularly nasty form of fart. It is invisible, like all farts, but of immensely higher density, temperature, and humidity than the surrounding air. Somewhat like a shart, only aerosolized. It is so named because of the hot, wet feeling it produces when originating and when it makes contact with other people.

Its density, combined with an otherworldly amount of molecular coherence, results in a persistent, dense cloud of palpable stench. This also lends it a strong degree of stickiness, where the hotwet can become attached to clothing, hair, and furniture, and lodged in noses and throats.

Some hotwet can achieve sufficient density to develop a gravity field strong enough to pull small objects off of desks and tables.

It is theorized that hotwet, successfully collected and cooled, would form a solid similar to a hydrogenated oil which could be useful as an industrial solvent.

Physicists are attempting to achieve this new form of fart matter through a process similar to that for creating Bose-Einstein Condensates.
I was sitting near my friend when he blew a cloud of hotwet directly in my face. It got lodged in my nose hairs and I kept smelling it for hours.

I was laughing when some hotwet floated into my face. Before I could stop, I swallowed a bunch of it and was sick for days.
by Aaron the Baron January 21, 2010
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Hotwet is that which is between a females legs, pussy basically, because of how hot and wet it gets once your in it.
Damm I need some nice hotwet. I had some bomb ass hotwet last night
by blk rhino September 25, 2006
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Hot and wet, mainly due to the hot weather, your sweat makes yourself and clothes wet, at this condition, you are hotwet.
Danm it, what a sunny day, I am all hotwet.
by murphyx2 May 25, 2014
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