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A hotisserie is when a person is penetrated orally and either vaginally or anally at the same time. The two penises inserted at both ends function similar to a skewer allowing the penetrated person to be lifted and spun around like a piece of meat being grilled on a rotisserie.
When I arrived home early from work I discovered my girlfriend playing hotisserie with 2 guys from work.
by Finn Gerbang July 31, 2018
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A sexual act involving three participants: two well-endowed males and one shorter "catcher". The two males finger cuff the catcher and, once a tight seal is formed, lift the person off the ground using only their phalluses.
Guy 1: "If we spin her around, we've got a true hotisserie going!"
Guy 2: "Dude, her teeth would router off my johnson!"
by hotisserer December 11, 2007
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