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When you get blocked by an extremely hot individual from doing something you want.
Susan: I want to go lay out by the pool but there are two athletic girls out there showing off their bikini body's.
Spencer: You just got hotblocked girlfriend!
Susan: What's that?
Spencer: It's like getting cockblocked but the pool is like the person you want and the hot girls are like a big cock.
by Vballer May 06, 2015
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The state of being temporarily or (like in most cases) permanently blocked from accessing your hotmail account when you need it the most.

This could be due to one of the following reasons:
1) Your password is so difficult that you fortgot what it is.
2) Your ex failed to hack your account but screwed you anyway by revoking your access.
3) You entered your pasword wrong too many damn times while tipsy or high.
John: Dude, I got this weird e-mail from you telling me to check out your new website.

Mike: Oh, sorry my account was hacked and it's sending viral e-mails to all my contacts. I've been trying to get it back but I think I'll be hot-blocked forever.
by JDL 2010 September 19, 2011
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The blocking of your view of someone hot by someone not so hot.
I was enjoying staring at this '10' when a '3' with a mole on its face totally hot-blocked me. By the time the 3 had waddled away the 10 had gone. What a waste.
by ben June 09, 2017
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