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A spry and vivacious milf with a youthfulness belying her years. She who possesses the milfy fluff, from which milfy cream may be churned. A jaded girl, yearning for companionship, hiding behind thick-rimmed glasses and a coy--albeit sexy--smile.
Show feet bb! No armpit, 1000 tokens! Cat on head bb!
Thus spake Hot_Milfy_Mom
by CaptainStupendous November 26, 2011
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A Hot_Milfy_Mom is an untamable mythical god who rains down Milfy Milk. Milfy milk has the capabilities of pruducing diamonds when soaked into tokens. A hot_Milfy_Mom can be found seducing men all around the world with her every move and word, with the utmost reserve of Lohan-ness.
Black rimmed glasses, sexy primal cat lingerie, neon panties, rockin thongs, luscious goods, Hot, Milfy, Mom, Cougar, Sexy, Hot_Milfy_Mom
by bret21 November 24, 2011
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Hot_Milfy_Mom is the C.E.O. of Milfy Creams Incorporated. Which delivers such fine products as cream of wheat, cream of mushroom, creamed corn, cream cheese, and ice cream. All made with 100% Milfy Cream.

The burrow between the legs of Hot_Milfy_Mom has become home to a lone meerkat, which stands erect when excited.
Hot_Milfy_Mom makes the hottest cereal of them all.
by RealChocolateHobo November 27, 2011
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