An extremely intensive sexual position requiring a great deal of strength, endurance, and determination. To begin, the woman inserts her pinky finger into the man's urethra (pee hole) and proceeds to hoist him above her head using only that finger. All of the man's weight should be centered on his pee hole/her pinky to experience the most stimulation. At this juncture, the man forces (forcefully) a clear, flexible tube into his buttholey, causing as much irreparable damage to his sphincter as is appropriate. By now, poop should be flowing freely through the tube and out the other end. If aimed correctly, the hot poo should fall directly onto the woman's face, blinding her instantaneously. Then both parties cum all over each other. A lot.
Ever since I hot dog on a sticked with Martha, I haven't been able to achieve satisfactory pee pee pressure!
by Smoke Manmuscle December 14, 2005
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A hotdog on a stick is when a girl puts her titties in a boys asshole. And then her nipples get really hard and then she has to have the boy cum on her nipples to make them go down.
Me: Man, I really want to have a hotdog on a stick right now.
by Splooge Master May 26, 2008
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