An attractive redneck or someone who came from or could be seen living in rurality or a trailer park. Ripped jeans, tattoos, wifebeaters, unshaven faces, trucker caps, possible skoal can outline add to this effect. May hang out at truck stops, in rural "dive" bars, or rock and country concerts.
Kid Rock is a hot skank.
K-Fed is a hot skank (well, if you're actually into him).
by Christopher H November 15, 2006
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A Skank who, although she is a Skank, is fuckin HOT!
A Skank who arouses desire in a guy, even though she is a complete Skank.
A Skank who is attractive in their Skankiness - the guys head will tell him that they shouldn't be hot, but the guys dick tells him something different.

A Skank that, if a guy bones her, that guy may like to keep it a big secret - but he will still be looking for another serving. He may also not care because he is getting the hottest and nastiest Skank sex of his entire life.

Any trashy woman that makes you get wood on sight.


Any Porn Actress.
"Woah, did you see that trashy blonde?"
"Damn...she is Skank Hot."

"Dude, tell me you didn't bone that Skank?!"
"Hey, man - she is Skank HOT!.."
"You know what? You're right".

"I tapped Aimee".
"The sex was Skank, HOT!.."
by Skankinator October 5, 2009
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