Term used to describe anyone who is extremely weight.
When you're that big you can't help but to be hot and sweaty.
by onyourmarkgetsetgo March 31, 2011
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1. The highest possible level of funk, musk, and badussy humanly achievable in one place.

2.That smell that makes the janitor that cleans up the club after it closes want to quit his fucking job.

3.Arms+Ass+Funky Sweaty Thighs=Hot Club Sweaty Ass
Ex. I tried to hook up with Chantell last night after the Red Carpet, but she had hot club sweaty ass!

Ex. Damn girl where were you last night? You got hot club sweaty ass, go take a damn bath!!

Ex. Some of these hoe's dont need to go to IHOP when we leave, they got hot club sweaty ass!
by ya boy B March 9, 2006
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That good 'ol wake the neighbors, scare the pets, put dents in the headboard, animalistic fucking. Where the action is so hot you're panting and sweating and grunting like monkeys in heat. The kind where it goes on for hours, just stopping to take a water break. There might be drugs, there might be 2 or 3 extra people too. This is the kinda shit people write into penthouse forum about. ;)
Me and the wife met this stripper last night. She came back to our place and watched us go at it for a bit, then she hopped into bed with us until the sun came up. Damn but that was some Hot Sweaty Monkey Sex !!
by ZiggyBoomBox August 29, 2018
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A Hot-N-Ready with butter and parm on it.
I'd like to buy a Hot-N-Sweaty.
Yo, did you pick up a Hot-N-Sweaty?
by Caesarboy69 October 6, 2019
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