When a track or piece of music is played by a DJ which instantly draws hundreds to the dance floor. Usually the track is new which is why it is "hot".
Hot Wax on the floor catch a contact

As seen in Contact by Foreign Beggars

We were at a club the other night listening to the same old shit, then the DJ played some Hot Wax and i was on the floor for fucking hours
by Ed Mate September 4, 2010
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In the act of performing vaginal intercourse, you quickly tear out a chunk of your girlfriend's (or partner's) pubic hair as you finish.
After I pulled out, I gave Rachel a Hot Wax. She screamed in pain after I pulled out 6 strands of hair.
by daentourage June 28, 2009
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Hot Waxing is when you masturbate and then ejaculate over an unsuspecting victim while their sleeping or passed out... Covering them in semen so when it's dried they have to peel it off...
Dude, Whaddilia was drunk and passed out so I gave her a good "Hot waxing" and she didn't even wake up!!!
by Hawaiian born September 5, 2010
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The phrase above is generally used when a DJ is doing very well at the turntable. A telltale sign is if the crowd is in a generally excited mood.
Damn, DJ Fresh is spinning hot wax with that Louder remix.
by Syn042 June 12, 2011
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(noun) A forceful, high-velocity shot of semen, typically pressurized by a long-term buildup resulting from:

1. Infrequent tug sessions

2. Denial of sex or

3. Inconclusive vaginal/ oral copulation
Sex-starved for months, Carlos finally bedded Vanessa. After twelve seconds of furious thrusting a painful spike in his ball-pressure erupted, firing a deadly Hot Wax Dart directly into Vanessa's cervix
....and therefore scoring a Balls-eye.
by PaulAllensCard February 5, 2015
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Its when you first eat something that makes you want to take a shit eg. Taco Bell you go to the toilet put wax strip on your ass hole and then you take a shit. When you feel that you cant push more of your shit you take strip off.
eg. "Damn man, after this taco bell i did Alabama Hot Waxing. That feels so great"
by FankyManky June 22, 2017
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