A classic phrase used amoungst the underground jazz cliques and elitists between the 1960's and the 2000's meaning, basically an affirmation of jive, an "excellent matter of fact" or "you definately dig" and "brother, that jive is funky fresh" James Brown knew about the hot milk and what it sounded like.
"Yo funky brotha man you dig?"
"HOT MILK..That is some HOT MILK my brotha'"
by Jazzyjessification January 25, 2014
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Usually defined as overly warm or even hot semen. Often accompanied by intense orgasms. It is also a phrase used to describe warm vaginal discharge by elderly women.
dude i banged cortney last night and her face got covered in hot banana milk.
by An anonymous Phantom January 14, 2021
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A time after 12 am that you expose your friends for weird things they do, or a lie that they just told.
Friend 1: Why did you just tell them I pee my bed?

Friend 2: because it’s hot milk hour.
by Sakuraii September 19, 2021
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an animation meme that later on became a omni man meme. what an evolution.
2017 hot milk: animation meme
2021 hot milk: omni man meme
by rick animation March 9, 2022
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