When one person places cling film over their mouth, whilst the other shits, ejaculates and pisses in the cling film. The guy then shoves his erect penis through the film, giving the reciever a "hot meal"
Dave: I gave Jess a hot meal last night

Andy: Delicious
by Matthew Langton September 23, 2007
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When a guy cums on the mouth or the chin of a girl
Johnny: "Yeah after I was finished I gave her a nice hot meal on her chin
by scareyfaces July 27, 2008
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The fresh cat poo that is quickly eaten out of the litter box by the family dog.
There's no poop in the box -- Fido must have had a hot meal!
by Mileswithers September 3, 2008
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when a fire crotch offers their genitals to someone.
Me: Hey Cass you wanna hot meal?
Cass: yes please :
by gmoney!!!! February 16, 2010
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