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When i was done, i sopped up my hot mayo from her belly snd made her a sandwich
by Erodg27 April 19, 2016
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1. Warm man sludge
2. Male ejacolate
Tami has hot mayo all over her face on account of that blumpkin she just gave me.
by SUP4104 April 04, 2016
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It's when you take roughly 100ml of mayo and a funnel, pour it in your bumhole through the funnel, and after ~10 minutes use the funnel in a reversed fashion, storing the "hot" mayo in a sock (for later use, if you plan to consume the hot mayo quick ofc, otherwise just hold it in your rectum for a much better experience).
Haha... accidently forgot to tie up my sock, and all of the delicious hot mayo spilled over me..
via giphy
by Jacob53 April 16, 2019
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