The ''Horseshoe theory'', is the the theory in which; 1. Radical ideas that are pure antonyms hold the exact same arguments. 2. Seeing as the ideas in question hold the same arguments, anyone blindly following one belief, will eventually transfer to mindlessly following the opposing idea.

The only exceptions are the people who lose their ability to, and the people who never had the ability to. The notion behind this concept, is that all extremes are bad. The only way of falling into an extreme belief is by being brainwashed. Only The Sith deal in absolutes after all.
The Theory is generally used referring to the far left, and the far right on the political spectrum. However, it can also be used to explain other instances where someone changes their opinion on a matter.
A great example of the Horseshoe Theory, is Benito Mussolini. Mussolini was an anti-war socialist who later became a pro-war fascist.
by HeJustNeedsAFriend January 20, 2021
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The Secular Horseshoe Theory is a theory that states that anti-theists (including new atheists, militant atheists, atheist extremists and atheist zealots) and religious fundamentalists are the same, and that share similar characteristics and similar behavior.
The Secular Horseshoe Theory can be proved by seeing how anti-theists and religious fundamentalists behave between themselves.
by Dumugian December 1, 2021
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