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To snitch on a group of people out of selfishness; also to snitch on everyone except your two best friends. Most commonly used to describe a female snitch. Too be a Hornyak or to be "Hornyacked" can also relate to chronic tanning, overuse of makeup, spoiled persona, and binge eating.
Roy : How the hell did we get caught?

Tim : There must be a hornyak on the loose!

Alan: Damn it man we were in the clear.

Sam: This is ridiculous.
by Tim O'Hare August 22, 2007
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A cool and smooth talker especially around the ladies . The one person you want with you if your trying to pick up chicks.

one who walks into a party and grabs the attention of all.

Calm relaxed kinda person who knows how to chill out.
Bart: Yo Bob did you see the Hornyak walk into the room?

Bob: Yea all the girls love him I wish we were friends

Bart: hey look that Hornyak just walked away with o'hare's girl right in front of him.

Bob: yea it happens all the time
by Steve Hornyak November 02, 2016
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