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A BOOGER that is accidentally shot out of a nostril, usually while holding in a hearty laugh, resulting in the random projection of the snot ball.
I'm glad that chick didn't see my HORNK go into her popcorn at the movie last night.
by Timmer0u812 November 29, 2014
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Another word for the action of applying the Horn. Corresponds to the word Honk. This word is Worcester, MA Native. Nikki is inncorrect with the term Honk, Beep, And toot.
Matt Hornked his horn at the oncoming Honda. Mr. Wonderful Honked his horn at an oncoming pedestrian. I was Honking my Horn as I laughed at Ms. Wonderful. Everything is Hornky.
by Matthew Jay November 05, 2007
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Verb: the action of banging a broad against the horn and it makes the corresponding rythm (extra points if you can mimick a 50cent song rythm)
I hornked her pretty good last night hope no one heard.
by The main hornker May 06, 2016
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