John: Damn! Did you see that girl?
L: Yeah that thang swangin, I will go see if she is interested some horizontal refreshment.
by Hell owe December 13, 2014
Slang for Sex.
Well, I'd love to come to the after bar but uh, I do believe my lady friend wants to go back to my place for some horizontal refreshments.
by AmadeuS469 July 3, 2018
When Your sitting on the sideline of a dog shit winter hat league game, down by 6 points, and your rookie makes a fully horizontal, chest height, layout D. Everyone loses their minds and your team is revived back into the fighting spirit!
Tad: Holly Bob Barker this game is dog Shi....
Tad: Whaaaat did you just see that? Alex just got a sick layout D!!
Tad: Now that, gentlemen, is an ice cold glass of Horizontal Refreshment.
by andrea the giant October 27, 2017