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A type of person who is a psychotic bitch, is controlling over ex boyfriends who left or cheated on their ass cause they never cared in the first place. Filled w drama. Other girls hate on them not because of envy but because of lack of looks, annoying to be seen, sound of their voice is screeching, make others lifes hell because of their existence. Completely real not fake because what you see is what you get and from the outside it aint pretty. They chase you around like a puppy dog complaining and telling you how to run your life. They send text to others to try and put out threats when usually it only calls for major humilty and some soaked pants during the heavy laughter. Usually short and animal looking like a mouse or pig in the face and occasionally figure form. Often Have creepy parents and live in small towns. Everyones life is better than theirs since they live a complete lie and anyone who socializes w them its a lie too. Id rather be a hobo on street then be a Hopf.
Life is better without "hopfs" , warning if some girl tells you their a hopf RUN LIKE THE WIND AND DONT TELL ANYONE WHERE YOUR GOING. i PROMISE THEY WILL CONTACT YOU AND ANYONE YOU KNOW SOME HOW . run!
by WorseNightmare August 09, 2011
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