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Originally the Blue Dueces from Chicago, they allied themselves with Larry Hoovers Black Gangster Disciples and helped form what came to be known as the Folk Nation...
The Hoover Dueces or Hoova Dueces adopted alot of the same practices and gang signs used by the GDs and have been known to wear light blue and gray or blue and black, a combination of their original colors and Gangster Disciple colors...(not to be confused with Hoover Crips, or Criminals)
Q: who' he run with?
A: Hoover Duece....
by Hoover Tek September 08, 2010
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back in the 60s hoover bloods were called hoover duece becuz there main stay at was hoover and 62 and hoover has six letters they also called themselves 62 hoovers.
hoovers use to call themselves hoover dueces but they expanded so much more than 62 and hoover that they now just call themselves hoovers
by marcos enemy of robins August 25, 2006
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