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A beautiful and exotic creature, with a booty of gold. Seriously, this booty will rock your world. Rarely seen amongst humans, even harder to catch. A crazy lover, with tales of passion and desire, she is sure to bring any man to his knees. Won't be controlled or manipulated. She IS your best friend, even when she's not; and you love her, even when you don't.
Woah! Why do I want her so much? *-* oh wait, it's Hooriya... Duh!
by xbalanque July 09, 2015
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Funny, annoying, weird, intentionally tries to be cute but denies it, happy, good listener, helpful, very loud, brushes things off if doesn't want to talk about it, tries to act cool but embarrasses herself, confident, strong, and hyper.
"Wow! That girl is such a Hooriya! "

"Don't worry about it okay, I'm fine."

"Hooriya is so cool. Man I want to be her."
by youoweusdogs January 18, 2017
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