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A term used to define someone who has surpassed the point required to be just a "wanker" or a "cunt".

Said person is in a league of their own when it comes to upsetting, offending, or hurting people either mentally or physically, thus requiring this insult too be hurled at them.
Person 1: "Did you see that man trip and mug that war veteran?"
Person 2: "Yes, what a Hoofwanking Bunglecunt."
by allaboutthabooty June 24, 2016
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An endearing term used for the current British Prime Minister.
these are some examples of the actions of what a Hoofwanker or Hoofwanking Bunglecunt gets up to!

Wholesale reorganization of the NHS which will lead to the majority of it being privatized.

Cuts to the police and the armed forces

Handing a rail contract to a German firm instead of Bombardier which is a British firm.

Attacking the disabled by paying a French company, ATOS, millions of pounds to get 9 out of 10 people off the disability allowance and on to JSA. The government denies any targets being set, but Dispatches, a program on the television a couple of weeks ago has shown this to be correct.

The closing of Surestart centers.

Cutting winter fuel payments by Β£100

Cutting the higher rate of tax from 50p to 45p

Abolishing EMA that the poorest relied on.

Tripling tuition fees.
by rogershulme February 14, 2014
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A useless, insipid, leach of a personal assistant that can’t get a fucking thing right
The stupid hoofwankingbunglecunt couldn’t even book my flights properly
by Leopard 6 November 17, 2018
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