Savage children that will shank you / stab you and mug you, stealing your money. They travel in packs of at least three in the poorer neighbor hoods of New Zealand. Be aware! Lock your car doors when travelling through these areas.
I was nearly stabbed by a bunch of hoodrats.
by Pedophile 101 February 28, 2015
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a slutty nasty bitch that sleeps with everybody in the hood.
sara is such a hoodrat.
MONROE is such a chickenhead, that bitch gets around
by guess who :) June 11, 2008
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Staying out all night with your best friends, driving around, maybe having a drink or two, doing crazy fun things. But most of all it's about being with your best friends and having fun.
Friend 1: "what are you guys doing tonight?"
Friends 2 & 3: "hoodrat stuff, want to come along?"
by hoodrat1101 December 7, 2010
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A slut from da hood who be slappin dink all Day N Nite wit no regard for STIs.
Dayum dat Seamus Bowen be one hell of a hoodrat.
by Buster_Cherry12345 May 20, 2009
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1) A person that does thuggy things, like steal cars.

2) can refer to any activity you want as "hoodrat stuff"

3) MC Thuggy J

4) A large killing spree on COD is totally hoodrat
1) Tyrwanda is such a hoodrat

2) Let's take my grandma's durango and do hoodrat stuff

3) MC Thuggy J raps about being a hoodrat

4) I just raped your n00by clan! That was so hoodrat!
by xbr00t4lmex April 9, 2010
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hoodrat; any human creature containing the sex chromosome (XX); simply stated all woman are hoodrats and this is backed by a study conducted by all men who have had there hearts broken...and the survey says-

3 out of 3 woman are hoodrats no exceptions....even my own mother is a hoodrat
half the girls i sleep with have boyfriends....hoodrats
by the guy that stole your girl December 18, 2009
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