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Marajuana, canibis or Hash in resin form as first used by Soro in the early '90s. Also see Haunty
"Shit, I've just dropped my honty, get up, Get up!"
by J Oval April 07, 2006
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Delicious brown gick, Normally makes one quite high has been known to give (The fear) .Whithnail and I. "My thumbs have gone weird, I've got the fear, im in the middle of a f**king nervous breakdown". Hashish Cannabis Resin Blow Gonk
"I just found a block of honty, Quick get the skins together"
First introduced by the Tormey brothers in the early 90's and later adopted by Yann, Soro Etc Etc.
by Drunken Unkle April 28, 2006
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Someone who is crazy and someone always thinks they are high. The word honty itself is related to drugs so whenever you call someone a honty you can say it like they are high or just weird in genral.
Girl1:Look there’s my honty....

Girl2:yea that girl is always high
by ShontyπŸ€ͺ July 01, 2018
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