Honor Society is a new way of music. It is Justin Timberlake meets Maroon Five meets Michael Bruno, Andrew Lee, Jason Rosen, and last but not least, Alexander Noyes. Honor Society doesn't play shows..they throw parties.
Brittany:"Wow, YOU know how to do the HONOR ROLL?!"
Barbara:"I sure do, it's a good thing HONOR SOCIETY taught me how to do it!"
Danielle:"That is soo cool, what is the name of the song you dance to the HONOR ROLL TO?"
Barbara:"See U In The Dark by HONOR SOCIETY.... DUH!"
Brittany:"Their manager NED is a cutie patootie!"
by DanSiego June 29, 2009
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Amazing pop/rock band. Imagine if Justin Timberlake had a rock band. That's Honor Society.
"Hey I just saw Honor Society at the Jonas Brothers concert last week."
"How were they?"
"AMAZING. See U In The Dark and Why Didn't I are like my new favorite songs."
by nomorehidingwhoiwannabe_15 September 30, 2009
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An organization that is supposed to honor high school students for their academic achievements, community service, leadership, and character. However, this has greatly changed in the present day, as it essentially honors students that the teachers of the school like for any reason at all.
Girl One: Did you hear that Sally got into National Honor Society?
Girl Two: Yeah! It's only cause the NHS sponsor is her basketball coach, and she always wears short skirts to his class.
Girl One: I know, right? I didn't get in. But whatever, let's go study calculus, feed the homeless, and create an organization to end world hunger!
Girl Two: I didn't get in either. But sounds like fun! Let's go!

Guy One: Did you hear that Billy got into National Honor Society?
Guy Two: Shut up, I'm trying to do my AP Physics, only one more problem until I've completed all the work for the semester.
Guy One: Holy crap! Did you get into NHS?
Guy Two: No, I don't play sports, I don't have time after volunteering in my community, getting a 4.0GPA, and being a mentor to underprivileged children in Africa.
Guy One: That sucks, man!
by m5a2t1t5 October 14, 2010
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An exclusive club open to students who have at least a B+ average. About 99% of the people in NHS could honestly care less about the club itself and the only reason they joined in the first place is because they know they have good grades and just want it to look good on a college application. These people on NHS could care less about helping the school and their community as long as they can use being on NHS to get into a good college/university. However, there actually, usually is one or two students on NHS who actually join it out of the goodness of their hearts.
Girl 1: We have to feed soup to the homeless tonight? Ew!
Girl 2: Yeah, it's for National Honor Society. I hate this club so much, but at least it will look good for college!

Girl 1: Yeah.
by Firebirdy1999 April 19, 2016
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Rigged, impossible to get into. You have to be a genius to get in that bro.
Guy 1: Yo, are you in the National Honor Society?
Guy 2: Nah bruh, get the hell out of here.
Guy 1: Nah bruh, 1 v 1 brawlhalla
by saucesuki February 18, 2021
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Literally every National Honor Society inductee that I knew agreed that it felt like a cult during the induction ceremony.
by Midnight Depresso April 14, 2022
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