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An up and coming underground sport of the suburbs, played in yards and parks, using simply softballs, tennis rackets, laundry baskets, and chairs tipped over on their sides. The object of the game is to knock the ball into the over turned chairs with your tennis racket. There is a mid way point in the field and the player with the ball is obligated to yell "honk" once they cross the line, but a turn over occurs if their opponent manages to yell "squeak" first. This usually results in the screaming of "Honk-Squeak" often sounding like "Honky-Squeak" giving the game its name.
Kid #1: "Hey, I'm sick of watching tv, wanna actually do something today?"

Kid #2: "Yeah, I'm down, wanna play basketball or something?"

Kid #1: "Nah, I'm kinda sick of that, I was thinking more Honky-Squeak?"

Kid #2: "Now you're talking, I'll be right over with my gear."
by Randillium February 13, 2011
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