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Honchkrow, espically when shiny, is more of a pimp than Tyranitar and is the crime boss of pokemon. Even when not shiny they are the biggest pimps in the pokemon world. Honchkrows have Gardevoirs, Medichams, and Misdreavouses walk the street looking for customers. Honchkrows will have other pokemon steal money, kill others, collect payments, etc. Honchkrows are known to have gangwars with other Honchkrows over territory where the result is horrible with many dead Murkrows laying around. Basically, you don't want to mess with one seeing your prostitute probably belongs to him.
Battle with Honchkrow
Trainer 1: I choose Honchkrow

Trainer 2: I give up

Profesor Oak of Honchkrow
Professor Oak: (To self) Hopefully that Honchkorw doesn;t notice me

An Encounter with Honchkorw
* A wild Honchkrow Appeared*
Trainer: I promise i'll have the money in tomorrow"
*Honchkrow used Beat-Up*
by Honchkrow June 05, 2011
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