A homo thug is a man who wears hip hop gear or thiggish type clothing and who sleeps around with other men who are like themsleves or claim to be on the DL (Down Low) really Gay is Gay.
by Anonymous August 4, 2003
Smoothvega, Homo Thug, Fraud
Smoothvega, Homo-Thug, two faced
by Smooth Vega October 18, 2008
A person who wears clothes to large for them, drives a stock honda civic with a "bangin" system, and belives they are from compton when truthfully they were raised on a farm.
That Homo-Thug's line up is tiggghtttt.
by Tevo June 15, 2003
A man who is a street thug/tough/drug dealer with all the swagger and attire to go with this life but who is actually an "in the closet" homosexual
Money Man ain't nuthing but a homo-thug. His man lives around the way.
by netnet May 4, 2004
We're getting tired of this homo thug, please go get a life and stop watching men take showers at 24 hour fitness.
by harleeeRyda April 14, 2010
A homosexual or queer identifying male who dresses, appears and partakes in such activities as would a thug. His attire is stereotypical of hip-hop and street fashion. He may speak with a street slang and present a rough exterior. He can be either butch or femme. This identity has no attachment to race or ethnicity.
I am in love with the new barber at Cordell's! I absolutely hope he's a homo thug!
by Aleksandr June 12, 2007
A black or Latino homosexual who dresses hip hop and does not act "gay."

Sometimes a homo thug has relationships with women, and keeps his gay sex on the DL.
A lot of homo thugs hang out at the KFC on 125th street.
by gay unit December 26, 2005