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A girl who likes hanging with her homies (preferably the lads) she is not into the "girly glamour and glitter etc" that most girls are into oh no. She can not stand bitchiness nor can she stand girls in general!!
A lot of people think she is "flirting" when in fact she is just "hanging with her homies" and think flirting is so lame and just for plain tarts.
Yet she is neither a lesbien or assexual just she prefers to be with her dudes. Never had a boyfriend yet she thinks she is cool cos she hangs with the lads.
Bitching Girl"That girl allways hangs with Dave and his mates she must fancy him and be flirting with him and his mates"
(Not so bitching) Girl"no she is just what you call a homie chick she hates flirting and into all that boy stuff"
by Anonymous454234 December 25, 2009
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