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1) An exclamation of amazement. See also holy cow and holy moly.

2) Beans that are so good they have achieved sainthood.
Melissa: I just won a billion dollars!
David: Holy frijole! That's a lot of money!

David: These beans are really good.
Elizabeth: These beans aren't just good, they're holy frijoles!
by MED August 19, 2004
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1. an expression of awe/reverence when bearing witness to something awe/reverence-inspiring
similar expressions:
Oh my lord!
Holy Toledo!
Jiminy Crickets!

2. an expression of awe/reverence when finding out that some Mexican beans have received a priest's blessing

3. an expression of alarm when one sees Mexican beans that have been left in the fridge too long and have gone spookily moldy, and thusly, an apt double entendre

4. a pronouncement of alarm when one's guts start to gurgle violently after eating at a Mexican fast food restaurant and the need to get to a toilet immediately is forcefully recognized; also an apt double entendre, and/or, possibly a reference to the spiritual/daemonic/food-poisoning nature of frijoles recently eaten at said Mexican fast food restaurant
1.(a) Holy frijoles! That cruise ship is huge!
(b) I went up to ask the boss for a raise and, holy frijoles(!), he asked me to sit in the executive council!

2. These are not just ordinary frijoles, my friend, the good Father has blessed them for this Thanksgiving's food drive for the poor and needy -- they are "holy frijoles!"

3. Holy frijoles(!), these frijoles look like some kid's forgotten science experiment!

4. Holy frijoles!!! I shouldn't have had so many of those reheated ground beef & bean purÊe tacos from __(Mexican fast food restaurant name here)__ . If I don't get my ass to a toilet right NOW I'm going to shit myself!!! Aaaaauuggggghhhh!!!!!
by Burrito con Blarney September 07, 2013
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