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A young lady who's at the club on Friday grinding on the dancefloor and at church on Sunday asking for forgiveness.
Brenda-Dang look at Ashley, she's so hungover! That ho is always drunk, last night she was trying to hook up with that bartender!
Byron-Yup, that girl's a holy ho, fo sho.
by susie v January 27, 2009
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A female associated with the catholic school scene, and noted for her sexually promiscuous behavior. Hot mamas. Term was first coined in reference to a clique at Holy Child (catholic school in MoCo) circa 2001.
Person A: Did you check out that fine lady?
Person B: Nah, man, don't mess with that shit, she's a holy ho. I banged her last night... and her friend the night before that... and there were like 3 of us the night before that... and then a nun...
by RelucDeb November 28, 2003
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