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Bollocks spoken by H, or fat bitch Hallam.
1) That filthy fat gutter whore Hallam is speaking hollocks again.

2) Never mind the hollocks

3) Luigi has no hollocks and will serve cappucinos for the rest of his life, or until he gets kicked out.
by Mario Luigi February 15, 2005
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adjective used by filthy bitter pre-pubescent little boys, ashamed and embarrased that they will never grow penises. It is commonly used to disguise a broad jealousy for real men who take responsibility for their own lives, instead of sponging off mummy and daddy until their microscopic dicks shrivel up.
1) I wish I had enough Hollocks to be a Real man like luigi.

2)If only I had something better to do other than make up words like Hollocks, or play on my computer.

3) Hollocks! They won't let me in Cafe nero because unaccompanied children rnt allowed. Oh and, I wish I was Luigi.
by I wish i was Luigi April 05, 2005
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