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Either a man or women who pokes holes with needles in contraceptives in hopes of trapping their friend with benefits.
Rey: Hey bro i just got off the phone with Nikki and she's prego.. WTF am i gonna do?

JHill: well stupid ass did you use protection?

Rey: yes every time!

JHill: Did you bring the condoms or did she?

Rey: well when we were at my house we used mine and when we were at her house we used hers, why?

JHill: You always ALWAYS bring your own... She's a hole poker!
by Nessy810 September 03, 2009
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Either a male or female who stickS either fingers or bodily features e.g: penis. Into either a vagina or anus.
"Oh my God you're such a hole poker"
"I heard you've been hole poking again"
by Superdooper91 January 11, 2008
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