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A sedan made by the Australian arm of GM. They are good value with decent performance courtesy of an American 6.0L V8. Though unlike a lot of American cars, it actually handles well. A lot of the drivers are stereotyped as bogans but very few actually are. They are exported to the U.S. as Pontiacs (and now Chevrolets), to the Middle East as Chevrolets and to the U.K. as Vauxhalls. Generally made to compete with the Ford Falcon.
Ford/Non-holden owner: "All Holden drivers are bogan dickheads."
Holden owner: "You just mad because you've got no V8."

"I love my Holden Commodore, it's decently priced and I can have some fun when I put my foot down."
by Deathmaster97 September 25, 2012

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