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Hokkyoku Tsuyoi, is a character in an upcoming manga called "Tokyo no Sakura" full name: "A Cherry Blossom in the Heart of Tokyo". She is the main protagonist. Due to her being orphaned at 3 days old and being abused by her aunt until 8, psychotic nature began to develop, and she ended up murdering her aunt. After that incident, she had lived by herself. Not only did the murder happen for that reason, but she had ended up finding out a demon that went on a rampage in Tokyo was sealed inside her mind. At 4 years old, she met a boy name "Kazuto Shurui" and her life became colorful. She soon became obsessive of him, and killed girls that liked him. So ultimately, she is a yandere. at 15, Hokkyoku, Kazuto, and another childhood friend named Akira Utsukushii (female), had been dragged into another world because of the demon. Kazuto and soon falls in love with her and they become deeply connected. Not that they weren't before. Then you won't be wondering why this upcoming manga (First news of it by the way) is also romance.
Reader 1: You know that manga Tokyo no Sakura?
Reader 2: Yeah. My favorite character is Hokkyoku Tsuyoi.
Reader 2: You know she's a bloodthirsty killer, right?
Reader 1: Yes, that's why she's my fav.
by Arcticfrost00 June 11, 2018
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