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A legendary slut monster that lurks in bars and strip clubs across the world. The beast is said to feed off the wallets of men, cheap wine and nachos. Because it wears a make-up mask to disguise its hideous face the Hogre can easily be confused with the common "Ho", but wake up with one of these snaggle toothed barbarians breathing on the side of your neck and you will know the difference. As fierce and cruel as these savages sound there is no reason to fear them because they have little or no intelligence which makes them easy for men to defeat.
1. Roll down the window Hogre your breath smells like hot garbage.

2. Damb Hogre your teeth are so jacked up it looks like you've been snacking on firecrackers.
by Ryan Rietkerk April 01, 2007
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A hogre is a term for a hoe that looks like Shrek. This word is a combination from the two worst personality traits, a hoe and and an ogre!

This term is often used for girls with little to no upper lip, a fat nose, and an eating problem. Hogre's like to act popular by pretending to have friends in high school! Hogre's often only get guys who are horny and desperate, you have to be VERY desperate to date a Hogre. Hogre's kiss boys without their consent to make it feel like they can get boys!

Lexi; "Hannah is being such a hogre!"
Sam; "I know!"
by thewildmoney May 14, 2018
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Someone fat, ugly as hell, has many fat rolls and never stops eating. Also looks like shrek. Acts like a hoe but can’t get a man
Damn that fat bitch tries to hard she’s a hogre
by Lil Mexican angel February 05, 2019
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