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A dude who fuckz a lot of hoes.
My Uncle had a cell phone with 40 different Hoe's names in it, all of which he had "piped-down at one time or another", And when I ask him... "why he had all those women", He gave me three different answers #1. Was "Because as a Man, I Can!..." #2. Was "...And Because I Like Having Multiple Women..." #3. Was "...I Just Like Fucking These Hoez!" finally he sat me down and told me the truth "You see Lil Neph all women are hoes that's all most of them will ever be, and if you as a man, deal with these hoes that makes you a Hoemonger! Now I Be Straight Killing These Hoez Pussy! but if I ever hear-tell of you getting caught-up-in-the-game with these stank-ass-hoes I'ma whop your black-ass lil neph and then my brothers is gonna whop your black-ass like you stole something".
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by Rufio BlackSon August 07, 2018
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