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a hoe/slut/whore/hooker whos legs are constantly spread open all the time that theres an ever present hole, like there is in a bagel.
Man look at that girl she is such a hoebagel, sleeping with all those men. It's like her legs are never closed
by Always Laughing January 01, 2011
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A term used for a person's significant other. Hoebagel is usually a males nickname, and the female counter part would be his slutmuffin. Both are a very good match behind closed doors, and really anywhere with enough space to receive pleasure. Not always a term of sexual meaning, but can also be used as a sign of affection and love.
Guy: I love you slutmuffin.
Girl: I love you too hoebagel.
by Slutmuffin1863 March 10, 2009
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A person that will sell their body to get ahold of the yummy carb. They really become a hoe for bagels
The manager gave Krista all the leftovers because she’s such a hoebagel.
by Platypussylove June 11, 2018
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