Having filthier, more enthusiastic sexual intercourse with your significant other at a hotel simply because you are not in your own home.
Joe gingerly pressed the king-sized hotel mattress with his index finger, grimacing as he felt it give easily; no doubt from years of couples' hobnailing upon it.
by soarjubs December 16, 2013
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To kick the living shit out of someone during a fight.

Derived from hobnailed boots that are heavy durable boots with hobnails through the soles. If you kicked someone with a hobnailed boot, you'd likely do some damage.
Nigel gave Gerald a proper hobnailing that night and now Gerald eats through a straw
by Dangermouse September 23, 2018
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of french origin; le hob

a hobnail is a type of french salad dressing, mainly used by those in prison.
John poured the hobnail slowly over food, licking his lips menacingly.
by Frankl October 06, 2004
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To shamelessly pander for a Pulitzer or other, similar award, especially by choosing as one's theme, certain hot-button social issues that the committee would likely feel obliged to vote for. (Possibly a conflation of Hobbes' "war of all against all" with Machiavelli's advice to give lip-service to virtue but act viciously.)
"A comic strip about breast cancer? That's just hobnailing!"
by Zla'od July 01, 2021
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