3 definitions by Dangermouse

The place that make really pretty, really expensive underwear.
Anna: oh, my god I love your bra!
Sophie: I know, I bought it at La Perla!
by Dangermouse January 30, 2005
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From the latin Primativus-lazi-eye.

A she-male that loses at chess to his girlfriend
At least the Voldemort hasnst done a primi!!
by Dangermouse June 12, 2003
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To kick the living shit out of someone during a fight.

Derived from hobnailed boots that are heavy durable boots with hobnails through the soles. If you kicked someone with a hobnailed boot, you'd likely do some damage.
Nigel gave Gerald a proper hobnailing that night and now Gerald eats through a straw
by Dangermouse September 23, 2018
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